The Motorbike Boots That Everyone Wants

Published: 04th May 2011
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There’s nothing quite as fun as tearing up the road to the shops and spending a cool few hundred on new motorbike gear. One of the biggest priorities has to be obtaining a great pair of motorbike boots, so courtesy of Bikestop – the UK leading vendor of motorbike clothing – here are four of the most beautiful motorbike boots you can buy. Feel free to drool in your own time.

Dainese Axial Pro Valentino Rossi. If you’re the motorbike equivalent of Michael Schumacher (except far less slappable) then you can be sure that you’re going to want the very best. Needless to say that’s exactly what Mr Rossi gets here, with the Axel Pro one of the classiest boots that money can buy. Custom built to withstand strong impact without causing injury to the foot, it’s a masterful lesson in technology and style. Purchase a pair of these wonderful motorbike boots, and then pretend that you yourself are Mr Rossi: that’s sure as hell what we do.

TCX Competizione RS Boots. If you want protection that would put James Bond off, then the RS series are the boots for you. The Tortison control system patent is typically inventive from a company that leads the field in design innovation, and the metatarsal control system doubles up the security and protection of this marvelous boot. Carrying endorsements from both Troy Bayliss and Tom Sykes, you can be sure that the RS really is designed for the best. Quality will out, as they say.

Daytona Security Evo 3. All right, you might not possess a money tree in the back garden, but hell, we can all dream. The Evo 3 is without doubt the epitome of luxury and quality, and at £870.00, we’d expect nothing less: that’s A LOT of money. Combining kangaroo leather that could probably withstand a chainsaw attack with classy elastic insteps and a fully customizable inner boot that can be tailored to your every whim and desire, there’s literally nothing here that doesn’t slap you in the face with a cricket bat in the shape of the word ‘awesome’. We want a pair more than anyone who is mentally stable should want anything. These are some of the very finest boots that we sell, and we’d recommend any of them.

To view all of these motorbike boots as well as the rest of our range of motorbike clothing, check the Bikestop store now by clicking the link here.

About the Author:- James Adrian is writing articles for bikestop. It is a motorbike boots and accessories store, motorbike boots, stocking helmets, motorcycle boots Dainese leathers and motorcycle boots, gloves and brands like AGV and Arai.

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